The Modern Vintage Collection tm is a modern take on classic jewelry designs. We start with the foundation of true craftsmanship and then reimagine the design using clean lines, vivid colors and bold metals to bring you something that is both fresh and timeless. If you are a person who has fond memories of rummaging through their grandmother’s jewelry box and imagining the glamorous, special occasions where these lovely things were worn, you will enjoy your journey through these collections.

The ability to mix and match different styles is a big part of what makes Urban Drygoods jewelry special. By choosing from our exclusive Interchangeables tm  Collection  pendants and charms, any piece can be individualized in minutes. Creating your own look is easy when you want to create an outfit that really suits you.

With this exclusive collection, you don't have to wait until the holiday season to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. This great way to spoil yourself or create a personalized gift for a friend or loved one is available right now!

Our skilled artisans proudly hand-make our jewelry in America!


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