About us



Urban Drygoods, ltd is the brainchild of Mary Frances and John Grunow. We have been thinking about opening an online store for many years. In fact, we have dipped our toes in the online waters with an Etsy store selling vintage household goods. We learned many things from that endeavor.  Then tragedy struck. Mary Frances was injured in a workplace accident leaving her with permanent health concerns. After plateauing in her recovery, we decided she needed a positive place to focus her boundless energy, and creativity. Being a professional product developer, with a degree in Industrial Design, and international expertise in retail merchandising, she decided that a new business featuring affordable, original, jewelry of her own design and manufacture would be a great place to begin with a new store.

Mary Fran and John both have long experience in home-based small business. Mary Fran had a previous business manufacturing jewelry for major department stores, and John has forty years’ experience operating a pipe organ building, and maintenance business.

In time, we intend to expand our product range into other fashion related items, and later into table-top home décor, and other items for the home. Our goal is to offer reasonably priced, fashionable products to our customers.